Casa Santo André 01


Property built in June 2021, super new. House standing on the sand with a beautiful huge cashew tree in the center. It offers a feeling of being in paradise, mixing the greenish colors of the sea and the river nearby.

Architect: Cecília Reichstul
Landscaping project: José Pedro de Oliveira Costa
Decoration project: Alba Noschese


Santo André beach, crossing the ferry from Porto Seguro.

House Details

Main House
Suite 01: King bed
Suite 02: King bed + single bed

Chalet 1
Suite 03: King bed + 2 single beds
Suite 04: king bed

Chalet 2
Suite 05: king bed + 2 single beds
Suite 06: king bed

Chalet 3
Suite 07: king bed
Suite 08: 2 single beds

Staff: 02 Housekeepers, 01 Cook, 01 General Services and 01 Housekeeper.

No pets allowed.

Minimum nights
High season, low season and holidays – 05 nights
Carnival – 07 nights
New Year’s Eve – 10 nights