itacare bahia brasil

Preferred by surfers, Itacaré is a piece of heaven in the south of Bahia.

The city has several beaches along the Cocoa Coast region. More than 45 kilometers of coastline are divided into small beaches where a strong wind blows, where there are perfect waves and you find a pristine rainforest bordering the sea. An unique combination throughout the Bahian coast.

The place became known after the construction of BA 001 Highway in 1998; since then Ilhéus has received thousands of Brazilians and people from all over the world all year round.

Perfect waves are a synonym of Itacaré beaches. From Itacarezinho it’s possible to visit different beaches: Havaí, Havaizinho , Engenhoca, Jeribucaçu, São José and Prainha. At these places which are more reserved and less known in the region you find very valued points for surfing.

Besides the beaches and before arriving at the Jeribucaçu beach, the Usina waterfall also attracts the attention of visitors where it is possible to have a dip in its natural pool. This region has lots of natural beauties which are an invitation to adventures and outside sports: in addition to surfing and windsurfing, visitors can descend Rio das Contas, a great place for rafting .

In the historic center there are many shops, bars, restaurants and an interesting nightlife, with options for everyone.


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