Residencial Etnia



Throughout the last 15 years, Pousada Etnia has consolidated itself as a Boutique Hotel reference and won by the begining of its operation, in the 2001, several national and international awards, which highlighted, their already outstanding service.

The Pousada always emphasized on the singularity of its accommodations, being their goal, to make guests live the feeling of exclusiveness. To this end, the owners differentiated each room making use of decorations and furniture they had gathered throughout their travels. In this manner, they gave an ethnic air to each space, without loosing the freshness of beach accommodations.

After 15 years of gathering experience as hotel managers, the owners have decided to widen their focus, without neglecting the pleasure of “receiving guests with hospitality¨, that working in this business has given them.

Considering the countless requests from their guests, who would like to own a house in the Pousada Etnia, the partners understood that this would become a market trend: people want to have a house in such a destination as Trancoso. They also realized that these owners wouldn’t want all the commitments a second house is bound to create, especially while living abroad.

A Condo Hotel seemed to be the perfect solution. The customer buys the property and pays condo fees at very low costs, just enough to provide security and the keeping of private and public areas, having a superintendent to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

For clients who wish a differentiated service (under request), the service structure will be furnished by a third enterprise (service and concierge),Therefore the owner will not have fixed employee fees. If the owner shows interest, the houses may be rented whilst not in use.

The Condo will have 7 houses with 1,2 or3 bedrooms. Electricity and water will be private with a generator and an artesian well. Private parking lot for each residence. The housekeepers will have their own house inside the Condo, providing basic services, maintenance and cleaning.



Price Table

ALAFIÁ 278.36 557.58 123.23 BRL 2,160,000.00
IBÓ 187.72 441.30 83.16 BRL 1,530,000.00
MEDITERRÂNEO 165.47 836.55 82.80 BRL 1,620,000.00
TRIBAL 153.85 612.44 69.87 BRL 1,440,000.00
KYOTO 212.00 660.90 95.09 BRL 1,890,000.00
TRANCOSO I 133.86 189.97 53.89 BRL 1,035,000.00
TRANCOSO II 133.87 276.01 55.80 BRL 1,170,000.00

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