Condomínio Altos de Trancoso | Lote 04 Q 11


Casa Verde Trancoso is the vacation retreat of an Irish half, half Brazilian. It is the union of the colors and the peace of Bahia with attention to detail on the European side. The architectural design integrates the building with the landscape, with many glass walls, high ceilings, and views from all sides to the tropical forest, birds and monkeys. In the background, one can always hear the sound of the sea. The house is in a street that ends in a plateau with spectacular view of Coqueiros beach.

We are an eclectic family and the house reflects our passions: a European from the world of finance who loves Brazilian art, and a writer who uses Trancoso as a haven to invent stories and enjoy children and family. Friends from all over the world love to gather in the ample common space that we have dreamed up at Casa Verde, integrating kitchen, dining room, porch, barbecue, swimming pool and sauna, all with charm, elegance and relaxation. Our manager, Cleo Araújo, looks after all with affection and a lot of friendliness.

Come and meet our multicultural refuge!

NOTE: The New Year and Carnival packages include Breakfast, cook, maid, daily cleaning of the pool and garden. Limit 12 guests