Famous for hosting one of the largest plant diversity of the planet the city of Una in Bahia is a stronghold of preserved nature. The location is about 40Km south of Ilheus Airport or 25Km north of the airport Comandatuba.

The Una River rapids on one side and the Atlantic Ocean with its blue and warm sea on the other side create an unique combination in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. Mangroves are also an attraction in themselves for producing the black mud used in famous beauty treatments.

The beautiful beaches of Una are almost unexplored. They are lined by huge palm trees. Comandatuba, Itapororora, Independência, Lençóis and Ilha do desejo are the most famous beaches.

In this destination , nature is an invitation to rest and to discover its natural resources. Una also houses the Biological Reserve of Mico-Leão da Cara Dourada and the Una Ecopark, where you can see one of the most beautiful forests in the world through a walkway that stands 20 meters high, built in the treetops.


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